sound following a flash of lightning

Ultimate Guide: Sound following a flash of lightning

Sound Following a Flash of lightning is occurring because of Thunder. Lightning is seen earlier than thunder because light waves travel much faster than sound waves.

The explosion of noise made under the result of shock waves. Shock waves produced when the lightning heats up in the Air throughout the way and that cause air to expand very quickly.

The act of rapid expansion of air thus creates a shocking wave which travels throughout the air at the speed of sound.

Sound following a flash of lightning:

According to the thumb rule in every five seconds, tween thunder and flash lightning give a distance of the storm within miles.

Let’s assume that the Sound Following a flash of lightning arrives then the estimated speed of the sound can give in m/s concerning the rule.

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What if there is no light and sound creates:

For instance, if you think that there was no scary light and ave appears in the air then what happen?

If there is no light and sound occur then we would have no vision. Light reflects off in the air, and it also gets reflected within our eye with the help of retina. This act results in to make the image in our eye, but the image is in the upside down position. Sound Following a flash of lightning can happen in every second.

It can flip out to the right way in your another eye. In that way, the image thus interpreted with the help of your brain.

We don’t think that there can be no sound waves created but for instance, if the sound waves do not happen then, this is due to the less speed and range of sound.

On the other hand, if Sound Following a flash of lightning happens but you can’t hear the Sound then maybe your eardrum or cochlea was damaged, or they are insufficient to listen to the sound of wave flash.

How the flash of lightning seen before thunder sound:

According to the astrological research, Lightning can appear before thunder sounds. The capacity of Sound depends upon the nature and distance of Lightning.

Thunder sound can range from a sharp and loud crack to a long but low rumble noise. The sudden increase in the Sound during thundering in cause due to increase in pressure and temperature of expansion the air.

Sometimes extreme stress can cause a bolt of lightning in the air.

As we know that light travels much after then the sound waves thus lightning can also be seen firstly. The noise of Sound in the thunder caused due to the rapid expansion of heating, and you can easily hear the thunder sound for up to 6 miles.

Even if the lightning disappears, then the Sound can be felt for a few seconds.

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