Scholarship Program 2020

The idea of technological singularity has gone beyond science fiction as it enters present-day debates about the future coexistence of robots and humans. Is artificial intelligence a threat or benefit to mankind? When could the singularity come about? Is it apocalypse or utopia? Today, there are no certain answers to these questions but what we can do is to investigate all possible scenarios. Raymond Kurzweil, a famous American futurist, predicts in his bestseller The Singularity Is Near the merging of human and artificial intelligence. So what is your scenario?

Write an Essay

Perhaps, you could become another Kurzweil and make your own scientific predictions about mankind’s future. Participation in the Pub Answers program is a great opportunity to make your voice heard! We call out all students and passionate futurists to try their hand at writing an essay on the technological singularity. For this purpose, we have launched a Scholarship program for students interested in technologies. The author of the best essay will be awarded a $2,000 check from

Participation Guidelines

  • You need to write a compelling essay about this year’s chosen topic: The Technological Singularity.
  • The essay should be unique, creative, and include URL citations. The content length should be 500-1500 words.

DEADLINE: 04/15/2020 (April 15th)

How to apply

To submit your content, Please include:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone #

How Do We Pick The Winner?

The editorial team of Pub Answers will evaluate the submitted essays and chose the best one.

The winning content will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • creativity and the novelty of the idea
  • provided statistics
  • value of the content
  • quality of writing

Important Notes

  1. Participation in the program is free of charge and open to any student from any country.
  2. The content will be checked for plagiarism. Only original (i.e. unique and new) content will be accepted.
  3. Make sure that your college or university participates in the program.
  4. This program is only for students who are enrolled in universities, colleges, or high schools.
  5. Method of payment. We will contact the successful candidate and send a check for $2,000 to his or her college.
  6. The winning essay will be featured in the Pub Answers website.
  7. The applicant’s personal information will be protected. In no case will the data be sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

By submitting their articles, the applicants grant permission to Pub Answers to use and publish these materials.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the email: scholarship[at]