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Foods That Start with U – Your Complete List of Favorite Meal

Are you showing an interest in knowing about Foods that start with U list? This post will give you the latest information and answers from all around the world to eat things that start with letter U.

Foods that start with U overview

Have you ever thought what food you eat start with a particular name? I am pretty sure there are many people who love to eat and yet they don’t know much about the foods that are small portion begins Foods that start with U letter comes from various culinary cultures.

The importance of word U

For those of you who don’t know that the letter U is the 21st letter in the English alphabet and only the one with five vowels. Many of you may be thinking how on earth there are foods available that start with U, but knowing this type of stuff definitely come with its own benefits.

Below we have listed some Foods that start with U answers to help you understand how many are there available and why this will turn out be great informative value for you to know the different recipes comes from all over the world.

39 Best Foods That Start with U (Your Complete List of Favorite Meal)

1) Udon:


• It is a famous Korean and Japanese dish made with wheat flour noodles.

2) Ugali:


• It is a cornmeal dish also called FUFU from West Africa.

3) Upma:


•Upma is an Indian dish made with wheat grains along with cashew, vegetables, ghee, and nuts.

4) Uthappam:


• This is a very popular dish from south Indian that is made with a mix of wheat flour, rice and vegetables.

5) Ugli fruit:

• It is a Jamaican citrus fruit.

6) Umeboshi:


• This one is known as Japanese salt plums.

7) Unagi:


• It is called freshly boiled water eel.

8) Urchin:


• This dish has been known to be world class delicacy made only in Japan country.

9) Uszka:


• A small dumpling made with mushrooms and minced meat.

10) Ubatzda:


• It is a dish made with soft cheese and butter. This one is a traditional meal of German culture.

11) Urad Dal:

urad dal

• Urad Dal is quite famous south Indian lentil dish eat with Dosa and Idli.

12) Udo:


• It is a dish made with a mixer of vegetables and a traditional meal for eastern China.

13) Ukrainian rolls:

Ukrainian rolls

• A classic made with meat, cabbage, and garlic bread.

14) Umble Pie:

Umble Pie

• Umble pie is a combination of pastries and deer meat. A perfect traditional French meal.

15) Urfa pepper flakes:

Urfa pepper flakes

• It is a sweet and smoky dark crimson dish that is used to sprinkle on salads and roasted fish. This one is a classic from Turkey culture.

16) Urgelia cheese:

Urgelia cheese

• Made with cow’s milk, first class ingredient to use in recipes. This is a classic from Spain culture.

17) Usal:


• Usal is a Maharashtrian dish made with beans. This one is cooked as Mung bean curry to eat with rice and bread.

18) Umbricelli pasta:

Umbricelli pasta

• This one is a thicker and chewy traditional dish made with dough. It is a famous recipe from Italy culture.

19) Undercut meat:

Undercut meat
  • it is the tender meat of the loin muscle

20) Unleavened bread:

Unleavened bread
  • This is flat bread which made with yeast. It is a traditional meal of south Asian countries.

21) Unsweetened chocolates:

Unsweetened chocolates
  • These unsweetened chocolates are bitter cookies made with cacao and baking soda. They are mostly eaten in Europe regions.

22) Uglies biscuits:

Uglies biscuits
  • A yummy crunchy cookie and snack made with milk and egg mixture.

23) Upside down cake:

upside down cake
  • It is a classic cake with pineapple toppings upside down cake.

24) Urnebes:

  • This is a Siberian cuisine salad dish mostly eat with BBQ and fast foods. It is the traditional meal of southern Siberia.

25) Urda:

  • It is made from whey of cow, sheep, and goat milk. Originally created from Romania and Russia countries.

26) urge intense:

urge intense
  • It is a citrus flavored soft drink. A complete new addition from Coca Cola Norway.

27) Uerige Alt:

Uerige Alt
  • One of the finest and top class bitter beer, mostly drink in Germany.

28) Utah scones:

Utah scones
  • This is Navajo fried bread served with honey and butter. this delicious meal is mostly eaten in west America.

29) Urap:

  • This is a dish made of steamed vegetables and mixtures of spice grated coconut. A traditional food from Indonesian city.

30) Uighur lamb skewers:

Uighur lamb skewers
  • Very tasteful kebabs made from lamb meat. This is a classic and most in demand meal from northwest china.

31) Uiro:

  • This is a traditional Japanese steamed cake made with sugar and rice flour.

32) Utz pretzeis:

Utz pretzels
  • These are very crispy and tasty cookies with a satisfied crunch for whole family.

33) Upscale deviled eggs:

upscale deviled eggs
  • The best and most amazing healthy breakfast for you are upscale deviled eggs. Boiled with sweet and spicy twist.

34) Ustipci:

  • It is a Siberian traditional meat and cheese balls gluten free meal. Mostly eaten in Siberia regions.

35) Uganda Matoke:

Uganda Matoke
  • Uganda Matoke is a dish made with green bananas with meat rib sticking. This is a staple food from east Africa.

36) Ulava Charu:

ulava charu
  • It is also referred as brown soup made with fine delicacy. this is a very popular in the state of Andhra Pradesh India.

37) Ukha:

  • Ukha is a Russian soup made with several kinds of fish including, Wels catfish, northern pike, and bream.

38) Uzbekistan Osh:

Uzbekistan Osh
  • It is a classic main dish also known as Palov made with lamb shoulder and rice.

39) Ubriaco:

  • It is an Italian traditional cheese dish made with cow’s milk. This one is quite famous in Italy regions.

Final verdict:

These are the Foods that start with U letter, which you will find a helpful guide and tasteful recipes where you live in the world.


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