Foods that Start with M

60 Best Foods that Start with M

Foods that Start with MThere are too many flavorful foods that start with M letter. Tones of items start with the same letter in the world but the main purpose is to find the best and famous food with the letter M that’s used to make you drool. Every food discusses in the list contains a certain amount of specific nutrients.

List of 60 Best Foods that Start with M

  1. Melon

Melon is a large round fruit with a sweet smell and juicy flesh. Inside the melon have plenty of delicious flesh. Melon has a lot of surprising benefits as it is rich in nutrients, water, electrolytes, and also helps to improve digestion and immune system rather it contains a low amount of calories.

  1. Meat

Meat means the flesh of animals like beef, chicken, goat, turkey, birds, fishes, lamb and many others like this uses as food. Different types of meat are used to prepare different dishes. It is a great source of minerals, vitamins, L-carnitine, rich in protein, and uses to prevent protein and iron deficiency.

  1. Mango

It is an oval shape tropical fruit that available in various colors like yellow, green, and orange. Mango has large hairy seed and smooth skin. Its uses to support heart, skin, and eye health, highly packed with nutrients. The term Mango uses for a sweet fruit but it has a lower amount of dangerous fibers than other fruits.

  1. Milk

Nutrients fill white liquid collect from animals and it is the best-known food that starts with M. It is a vital source to maintain bone health. Milk is especially used to get the proper amount of calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, nutrients, magnesium, zinc, and protein.

  1. Mint

Leaves of a mint plant used in fresh or dried form. It uses to give an additional refreshed and beautiful green look to different food or salad. Mint is an aromatic herb that can improve brain functioning, relieve cold symptoms, and prevent digestive problems. It’s possibly safe to use this herb for longer than other herbs.

  1. Mozzarella

Special Italian white cheese is known as mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is fresh to eat and different in taste from other traditional cheeses. It is one of the well-known milky flavor cheese uses for pizza topping. This cheese has a smooth and elastic texture with fewer amounts of calories and sodium.

  1. Mulberry

It is colorful berries eaten either in dried or fresh form. Mulberry uses to give an additional flavor and look to fruit juice, tea, jam, or canned food items. It offers benefits like lowering cholesterol; improve vitamin C and a great source of carbs, fiber, and iron. Mulberry is sweet enough.

  1. Muesli

A mixture of oats and grains, seeds and nuts, dried or fresh fruits is muesli. Mostly eaten as breakfast with a combination of juices or milk. Muesli is most beneficial than other cereals and good for the human’s heart and higher in fibers. It has the greatest nutrients value and energy producing features.

  1. Muffin

Small single-serving quick bread made from eggs and rise from baking powder. Muffins are heavier than cupcakes and it is moist and sweet. Muffin is prepared from highly healthy ingredients like fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables. Fill with nutrients but half in calories than cakes or cupcakes.

  1. Mutton

Meat is the highest source of protein, red meat from animals is known as mutton as the meat of young sheep. It is an incredible source of zinc, iron, vitamins, and rich in fat. Helps to improve overall performance, and increase muscle growth and maintenance. It is best for lever, heart and eyes.

  1. Mustard powder

Gather from the mustard plant, a combination of white and brown seeds with turmeric and saffron. Its uses to add additional flavor to any food. Mustard powder is essential to maintain strong bones and muscles; a better source of calcium and potassium. Helps to improve metabolism, lower blood pressure, and decrease symptoms of asthma.

  1. Mushroom

Mushroom is a fleshy body of an edible type of fungi. Some mushroom is toxic and some work as antioxidants. Fill with copper, potassium, vitamin B and beta-glocan. Few of the mushroom type’s uses as a treatment of certain diseases as the best source to avoid neurological problems.

  1. Macaroni

A special type of pasta available in different shapes and sizes but, the most commonly use type of macaroni is elbow shape. In simple terms, it is pasta in the shape of narrow tubes, made from semolina or white durum. Uses to take energy, fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

  1. Margarine

Margarine looks similar to butter which is made from vegetable or animal oil. Its uses to enhance the flavor, baking, and cooking different food. Margarine is more suitable for heart health than butter because it contains good fats. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels and LDL. It is inexpensive than butter.

  1. Mandarin

The mandarin term uses for a small orange color fruit. It looks similar to oranges and citrus in taste. Most popular fruit to add in a fruit salad or directly eaten as fresh fruit. Mandarin is important for development and growth as a certain amount of vitamin C and A, fiber helps to boost the immune system.

  1. Marmalade

Marmalade is fruit preserves that are prepared from citrus fruits usually with oranges, melon, and mandarin by adding sugar. It uses as a sweet condiment for biscuits, cakes, and bread. It is a good source of calcium and dietary fibers and has a lower amount of fat.

  1. Maple Syrup

A special type of sweet syrup is made from the red maple or maple tree sap. Maple syrup has a beautiful color and taste. It also uses as a condiment for toast, pancakes, and a variety of food items. It is less dangerous than using sugar. Best for skincare, work against cancer, because contain several antioxidants.

  1. Millet

It is a whole grain that has more health benefits than other grains as it is packed with folic acid, selenium, phosphorous, fibers, and folate. Millet can lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. It can be prepared in a variety of ways as cooked with rice or eaten with bread. Millet is not good food for thyroid patients.

  1. Merlot Wine

Merlot is a red wine that is most popular in the world; it uses to enhance brain functioning, cause resistance against cancer cells and allergens. It is a wine with a soft texture and interesting dark color, has anti-inflammatory and memory sharpening features.

  1. Meatballs

It is a Roundball dish made from chopped or minced meat and a combination of ingredients like eggs, bread crumbs, onion, and another seasoning. Meatballs are a delicious meat dish and the greatest source of iron and energy-producing carbs. It can be baked, fried, or steamed.

  1. Malay Apple Fruit

It is a pear shape edible fruit with red peel, green leaves, and white slightly sweet flesh. It is a tropical fruit that resembles an apple. Malay apple fruit is vital to relieve itching, reduce inflammation, and treat dysentery. A certain amount of Carotenoids and phenolic compounds found in this fruit work as antioxidants.

  1. Macadamia Nut

Macadamia nut is beneficial to get protection against diabetes, and heart disease.  Unlike the other types of nuts, the taste of this nut feels like butter and texture like cream. Suitable to lose weight and improver overall health.  It has an adequate amount of thiamin that’s very rare to find in this type of nuts.

  1. Mint

Mint is an aromatic herb that gathers from a mint plant uses for different purposes in fresh or candied form. It is an essential ingredient to give a beautiful look and refreshing odor to salad or foods. Great treatment for different digestive problems.

  1. Mackerel

It is a type of fish that has a high level; of nutrients and healthy fatty acids, also known as oily fish type. Mackerel fish are found either in temperate seas and tropical seas. It is the greatest source of omega 3 fatty acids that help to maintain the skin’s health provides shine on the skin keep it moisturized.

  1. Mamey

Mamey is a juicy tropical fruit with soft yellow-colored flesh. The taste of Mamey can be described as a blend of apricot, a hint of spices, and a little touch of nuts and sweet potato. Fill with antioxidants, iron, fibers, and Beta carotene.  Suitable fruit for hair treatment, improve mental health and uses for skincare.

  1. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a thick creamy sauce made by beaten egg yolk with a thin stream of oil by adding seasoning and vinegar. Mayonnaise is good for health but remembers that assess everything is bad. Minerals and vitamins found in it help to lower cholesterol and prevent strokes.

  1. Marshmallow

It is a type of confectionery made by complete processing. Marshmallow cooked by dissolving sugar in water and whipped gelatin into the mixture, it whipped to the solid but soft consistency until the mixture looks fluffy. May use as a pain reliever, cough, and cold treatment, and helps to cure diarrhea.

  1. Macaroons

Delicious small round cake with crispy layers of crust and soft filling. Available in different flavors like chocolate, coffee and spices or vanilla.  Macaroons made with sugar, egg white, and almond powdered or shredded coconut powdered. Boost energy and performance.

  1. Mahi-Mahi Fish

Mahi-mahi fish contain flavorful flesh and known as moderate fatty fish. Hawaiian name of dolphin fish is mahi-mahi; it is the most popular seafood in the entire world due to the nutrients like selenium, Niacin, high protein with low calories, and B12 vitamins.  Found in temperate, subtropical, and tropical areas.

  1. Margarita

It is a cocktail made with a combination of lemon juice, orange flavor liqueur with tequila.  It is the richest source of vitamin C. margarita is a Gluten-free drink that helps to reduce weight, normal digestion, and lower LDL level. The drink can be served either in sugar-rimmed glass or salt-rimmed glass.

  1. Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone cheese is a creamy cheese with a velvety texture and slightly sweet, buttery flavor. It is a triple cream cheese ready from fresh cream. In simple term is made from the fresh milk of cows. Has a large amount of zinc, different types of vitamins Phosphorous, and riboflavin.

  1. Meat Loaf

Meatloaf is a tasty dish prepared from minced meat especially from beef and also includes some other ingredient in it and gives it shape like a loaf. It is usually baked in the oven and served either as cold cuts or warm meatloaf slices. Meatloaf is high in protein and vitamins calcium.

  1. Mojito

Another one of the most famous food that starts with M is a mojito. A combination of lime juice and mint is the highest source of vitamin C. Uses to get protection against viral infection, boost immunity functions, and promote digestion. The mojito drink is beneficial enough with a pleasant smell and incredibly refreshing taste.

  1. Moussakka

It is similar to lasagna as made with layers of potato or eggplant slices with a beaten egg topping, and meat and onion filling. Include dietary fibers, carbs, protein, and a minimum amount of heart-healthy saturated fats. Contain low amount of calories than other heavy dishes. It depends upon the user to give it a cheesy finishing.

  1. Milk Shake

Milkshake is a drink in which different types of fruits or flavoring is blended with milk, cream, sugar, and another sweetener. A lower amount of milkshake every day is enough to get essential nutrients. Vitamin B1, B2, B12, and vitamin D are found in it that helps for normal body growth and development.

  1. Minestrone

Different vegetables use to make a soup that’s known as minestrone. With vegetables, it also includes rice, beans, or pasta and seasoning for additional look and taste. The thick soup uses to purify the entire body of the user and good for weight loss. It is one of the best foods that start with M.

  1. Mocha

Mocha is the best quality coffee that’s made with hot milk and espresso by adding sugar and the flavor of chocolate. It is dark brown colored coffee with a super sweet taste. Helps to increase focus and reduce sleep problems and anxiety. Mocha is a very stronger coffee than others.

  1. Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is highly delicious and nutritious made from mango, milk, cream, and sugar; it is the richest source of carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins, protein, and other essential nutrients. It is one of the most popular foods worldwide in the summer season. it is Best for eyes, brain, and skin health.

  1. Mincemeat

A mixture of raisin, dried fruits, chopped apple, sugar, and spices by adding meat or without meat is called mincemeat. In simple mincemeat always contains meat but sometimes it added beef to change the taste. Due to the Combination of such a beneficial ingredient, it is packed with a lot of fibers and protein.

  1. Mung Bean

Very small yellow beans covered or round in a dark green color seed coat. It offers great versatility to cook in various forms. Mung beans are good to lose weight, lower the LDL cholesterol level, and reduce sugar levels in the blood, and risk of heart diseases. Provide smooth acne-free skin to regular users.

  1. Maprang Fruit

An egg shape fruit is Maprang fruit resemble mango as the flesh of the fruit smell like mango. Maprang fruit provides jelly-like smooth flesh with a slightly fibrous nature and it is bright orange. It is a richest source of beta-carotene, iron, and calcium that hard to find in many other fruits.

  1. Maple Walnut Ice Cream

It is a great flavor ice cream with beautiful color. Maple walnut ice-cream made with maple syrup, cream, and crunchy toasted walnut, sugar, and milk. It is heavy and tasty than other ice creams. Chocolate creamy ice-cream with low carbs and excellent features like walnut increase brain functioning.

  1. Monkfish

The larger type of fish with a firm texture, it is slightly sweet in taste and low in fat. Monkfish contains a lower amount of omega 3 fatty acids. The tail meat of the fish is slightly similar to lobster or scallop. The color of the fish is white from the belly and chocolate brown color back. Good for baking, grilling, broiling, and frying.

  1. Mountain cranberries

Mountain cranberries are similar to American cranberries but it is smaller in size and red in color. It is available in both fresh and dried form. Essential food to Promote cell growth and normal functioning, have manganese and dietary fibers, beneficial for bones and heart health.

  1. Mullet

Fish of marine water use as food is mullet. It is one of the most popular and widely catches grey fish for food. Mullet is a juicy and firm fish with fatty and tasty flesh good to eat.

  1. Macedoine

Macedoine or mixed fruit salad. Consist of a mixture of different food items like fruits, vegetables, and eggs. It either uses in the form of a cocktail and salad. To make the mixture of fruits and vegetables it’s cut into the smaller pieces’. It is a Source of vitamin K1, beta carotene, and many other minerals because of the vegetables.

  1. Melba toast

Crispy, thin and totally dry slices of toast served with different food items like salad, meat gravy, soup, or sometimes prepared with melted cheese topping. Fill with a complex type of carbohydrates and has a special amount of calories. Found in various shapes like round, square, and rectangle.

  1. Mortadella

Italian smoked sausage with smooth texture in slightly pink color contains fat, served in slices after seasoning with salt, pepper, and garlic. Flavor like pork meat. It is ideal food with vitamin B1 and B2, zinc, iron, and niacin. Mortadella is a very nice addition to sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and many more dishes like this.

  1. Monkey bread

Sweet, soft, and sticky pastry made from the yeast dough with a sweet or salty sauce. The powder for dough gathers from the baobab tree. Monkey bread works as a vitamin supplier, best to boost metabolism and it is the biggest source to fulfill your potassium requirements.

  1. Mimosa

It is a mixture of champagne and citrus fruit drinks like oranges juice and is often served in the form of a cocktail. Mimosa drink tastes like fruit punch if mix drink or citrus in equal amount. Major effects of mimosa are its antidepressant and antifertility features, also help to heal wound soon.

  1. Mexican rice

Water, onion, tomato sauce, salt, garlic, rice, and cumin used to prepared Mexican rice. All these cooked ingredients are mixed with golden color rice after Southey them in oil. Mexican rice is highly delicious and healthy with low-fat concentration and zero cholesterol. Best food offers great variation for serving.

  1. Marble cake

Marble cake is made by mixing two different colored batters. In this cake, vanilla is mixed with the streaks of chocolates in different ways. It looks beautiful with a light and dark color sponge. It is dual-color cake with dual flavor.

  1. Matzo

Unleavened bread like a crisp biscuit made with adding water in flour, mixing it and gives it shape like a batter than baked it in the oven. Matzo bread is very thin as a single layer of the wafer. Work as an energy booster and have anti-inflammatory features.

  1. Mashed potato

Mashed potatoes mean the crushing or mashing the boiled potatoes and add butter or milk, salt, and paper in it. It has a delicious flavor with a creamy texture. Improve digestive system, incredibly notorious to add in the daily diet, helps to gain weight quickly and simply.

  1. Mince pie

It is a small round pie like cupcakes and made with sweet mincemeat. It gives taste like a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and meat and the flavor is slightly sweet. Mincemeat filling fill inside the pastry case therefore it is high in fats and calories. It is usually known as a Christmas dish and available in different shapes and sizes.

  1. Molasses

Molasses is a thicker juice in a dark brown color that gets from raw sugar during the sugar making process. Another source of molasses syrup is sugar beet or crush sugar cane by boiling. It contains a sweet and slightly warm smoky flavor. Molasses is used in making candy o or uses as a sweetener.

  1. Mini tart

Smaller size tart is called mini tart it is made with a pastry base that consists of dough and baked with or without sweet filling. Mini-tart is a delicious dessert made with a variety of flavors like apple tart, blackberry tart, and almond tart. The tart dough itself is made with flour, egg, cream, butter, and sugar.

  1. Marinade

Before cooking meat or fish it is soaked into a mixture of oil, spices, and wine or vinegar to enhance its flavor. The marinade is a source to soften the tough food by placing it in wine or vinegar. The ingredient of marinade varies according to the country as some uses lime juice instead of wine and some use soy sauce for flavor.

  1. Mornay sauce

Mornay sauce is the same as béchamel sauce with the addition of cheese. It is a velvety white cheese sauce made with egg, flour, butter, milk and one of the main ingredients is gruyere cheese. Mornay sauce can be last up for longer without losing its flavor.

  1. Multigrain cheerios

Multigrain cheerios are healthier than other cheerios; it is moderate in fat and low in fibers. It is made with processed food like oats, grains, millet, and rice by adding sugar, salt, color, and flavors. A small amount of multigrain cheerios is enough to fulfill the daily requirements of minerals, calcium, fibers, and vitamins.


These are just 60 food that starts with M but there are many more. You may already familiar with some of the food items in the content and others will be interesting for you. It’s not just for general information it will also help you to find food that is packed with nutrients and also have many other benefits.


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