foods that start with k

Foods That Start With K

Do you want to participate in a fun but learning game show? Have someone challenged you to learn the name of food starting with K?

Take a minute and think about Kabobs, kettle corn, kale, and kasha; all of these food starts with K.

It is very interesting to learn about the food starting with the letter K. It will let you learn about different foods originating from Asia, East and Wast of Europe, America, Middle East, Turkey and several other regions of the world.

Stay here, complete your reading, and get to know about delicious foods starting with K.

Foods that Start with K

1. Kaki Peanuts

It is a traditional dish in Japan. Kaki peanuts are made from the dried bean and pea. At the present day, they are high in demand. The snacks are quite healthy and provide you with several health benefits.

2. Kakigori

It Japanese shaved ice cream, which is served with syrup and sweetener. The people of Japan love to refresh themselves in hot summers by eating the cold kakigori. You can eat it with a spoon.

3. Kalamata Olives

It is a large purple colored olive. The olives have a smooth and meaty texture. In Greece, they are used as table olives. Mostly, they are preserved in olive oil or wine vinegar.

4. Kabob

The dish was orientated from the middle East. It can be made from the meat of chicken or mutton. In different countries of Asia, Indian English, and Muslim countries, kebab is a type of grilled meat.

5. Kale

It belongs to the class of cabbage. It is believed to be a superfood as it is full of nutrients like vitamin A, C, K, B6, potassium, calcium, manganese, and copper. It contains a low amount of fats and calories.

6. Kaiserschmarrn

It is a type of pancake and is quite popular in Austria. It is a dessert, served along with different sauces or jams. It is made from the sweet batter by using flour, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, and milk.

7. Kasseri

It can be either hard or semi-hard cheese. It is pale yellow and is prepared from the pasteurized milk. Mostly it is used as the table cheese in Greece and Turkey. Moreover, you can also serve it with pastries, omelets, and sandwiches.

8. Kaiser Roll

The rolls are made from the yeast-risen bread, which is made from white bread. The rolls are large and are round in shape. Moreover, the rolls are very crispy from the outside and soft from the inside.

9. Kasha

It is the roasted buckwheat groats. Anyone can make it easily home. You just need to get raw buckwheat and cook it in the oven. The roasting lets you get the required nutty flavor.

10. Keftedes

The keftedes or meatballs are made from ground meat. You can add different types of spices, flavors, pr whatever you want to add. Then make the patties and then bake them just to get the Turkish version.

11. Kellogg’s

It is a multinational food manufacturing company and preparing cereal and different other foods, including crackers, toaster pastries, for the last many years. You can get their products by different names such as Corn Flakes, Eggo, or Frosted Flakes.

12. Kentucky Fried Chicken

The restaurant specializes in providing you the best quality fried chicken. KFC is the second largest restaurant in the world. They have been providing their services in more than 150 countries.

13. Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

The chips are cooked through, and old method or approach called bath cooking. The cold potato chips are mixed into an oil-filled kettle, and then another batch of potatoes is added, and the process goes on.

14. Kidney Beans

The beans are one of the healthiest food which you can have. The beans are a rich source of proteins and provide a very small amount of saturated fats. But they are enriched with proteins and fibers.

15. Keema Naan

It is one of the most famous dishes in Asia. It is a restaurant-style naan that is filled with ground lamb meat, also known as the keema. Well, it is very delicious and full of energy.

16. Kenkey

It is a famous dish of Ghana, Togo, Jamaica, Guyana, and Western Benin. It is made from maize and is commonly known as the Komi. It has a huge amount of alcohol. It can provide you a huge amount of carbs, so be careful while eating the Kenkey.

17. Ketchup

It is the best table sauce and is well famous all over the world. The name of ketchup has been derived from the Chinese word that means sauce derived from fermented fish. Now it is also known as tomato ketchup and is sweet and tangy in taste.

18. Key Lime Pie

It is a well famous desert in America. It is made from key lime juice along with sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks. It can serve with a topping made from egg white and whipped cream.

19. Kidney pie

It is a type of pie and is filled with a mixture of diced beef, kidney, and brown gravy, along with the fried onions. It is a dish of British cuisine and is full of several nutrients.

20. King Crab

It is one of the healthiest foods and is enriched with poly saturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fats, omega-3, and proteins. Therefore, king crab offers you countless health benefits. It can inhibit aggressive behavior.

21. Katlama

It is a popular dish in Asia. It is a portion of street food, and most people love it as a snack. It is made from flour and comes with different spices. It is full of carbs, fiber and contains a small protein.

22. Kit Kat bar

It is a wafer that is covered with chocolate. It is very crunchy and one of the best snacks which anyone can have. It is the favorite treat for kids.

23. Kiwi

Kiwis are small in size, but they are full of nutrients and offer you several health benefits. The fruit can improve your health and is very useful for the heart, immunity, and digestive system.

24. Kippe

It is made from beef or lamb. They are small in size and enriched with different flavors. The fragrance of different herbs, spices, and meat made it more tempting. It is very healthy and nutritious.

25. Kielbasa

It is also known as the polished sausage. It is made from pork or maybe from a combination of pork and beef. It can give you a strong garlic flavor with cloves, marjoram, pimentos, and smoke.

26. Kimchi

It is a traditional dish in Korea. It is made from fermented and salted cabbage along with radish. It is usually sour and spicy. It can decrease the sugar level, cholesterol, and LDL in your body.

27. Kingfish

It is a type of fish and can provide you a considerable amount of omega-3. The fish is a little bit oily; therefore considered to be the best food for all those who live in cold areas.

28. Kisses

They are small in size and will just melt in your mouth. Kisses are made from the egg white and bacteria. To make the kisses, cook the milk or pasteurize it at a high temperature.

29. Kix cereal

The Kix cereals let you get healthy food, which is a favorite of everyone. It can provide you a considerable amount of several vitamins, fibers, and much more. It is a healthy snack.

30. Knackered

It is a crispbread which is served along with cheese and different other toppings. You can make this bread into small pieces and then can eat it with yogurt. It can also help you with weight loss.

31. Knishes

They are small-sized, round, or square-shaped, comes with different fillings. The filling can be made from mashed potatoes or cheese. Moreover, you can also get another filling made from sweet potatoes, spinach, and black beans.

32. Klondike Bars

The bars are slices of hand made ice cream. They are square and are served along with the rich and delicious Swiss milk chocolate. Several flavors are available, so get one according to your taste.

33. Knackwurst

It is a type of sausage and famous in North America. It is available in different shapes and varies in taste. It is made from pork, hog casings, and garlic. It can provide a huge amount of proteins.

34. Knickerbocker Glory

It is a layered ice cream that is served within a large conical glass. It is a popular dish in Ireland and Great Britain. Originally it contains ice cream along with fruits and meringue.

35. Kohlrabi

It is also recognized as the German turnip. It was equally delicious whether you will eat it raw or cooked. Kohlrabi belongs to the family of cabbage, and can provide you fiber, reduce the chances of heart diseases and inflammation.

36. Koolaid

It is a type of soda and contains only very few calories. It is full of vitamin C. it considered to be a healthier option over other carbonated drinks. It is just full of calories.

37. Kolachi

It is the healthiest breakfast and can provide about 100 to 300 calories, depending on the filling and size. It is made from yeast dough and has the filing of fruits along with a small amount of cheese.

38. Kaltura Basma

It is the most popular dishe in Turkey. It is a traditional dish that is prepared during Islamic holidays, such as Eid-UL-Fitr and Eid-AL-Adha. It is a type of pastry which are riddled in shape.

39. Kopanisti

It is salted cheese and is very spicy. It was prepared 300 years ago for the first time. It is made from the milk of cow, sheep, or goat. Cheese can be prepared within 30 to 40 days.

40. Kongbap

It is a Korean dish and is made from either white, brown rice. It is usually cooked along with soybeans. It is very healthy and provides you a massive amount of proteins and as well as carbohydrates.

41. Kombu Japanese seaweed

It is a kind of kelp and is quite popular in East Asia and an important part of Japanese cuisine. You can eat it in dried form or the form of pickles made in vinegar. Or eat fresh Kombu.

42. Korma

It was originated in Persia and is popular among different countries of Asia, including Pakistan and India. You can make the korma from chicken, mutton, or beef. Add cream or yogurt and different spices to make it more delicious.

43. Korokke

It is a Japanese dish and is made from mashed potatoes, meat. It is coated with panko before deep frying. People love the outer deep brown crispy covering. You can eat it with different sauces or cream.

44. Kraft Cheese

Kraft is an American brand, which is manufacturing the best quality cheese. It is one of the healthiest food and can provide several proteins. It contains cheddar cheese, salt, cheese culture, enzymes, vegetable color, and milk.

45. Kosa

It is a type of lettuce and is very beneficial for your health. It can provide you a huge amount of vitamin k, make your bones strong, reduce the chance of bone fracture, and contains more than 95% water.

46. Kofta

It is a small ball, made from meat, and is famous in Asian countries. To make the kofta, use ground meat of chicken, beef, mutton, or lamb. It can provide proteins and is served with roti or naan.

47. Kos Halva

It is a Turkish dish and is made from sugar, molasses, dry egg white, sesame seeds, and citric acid. It can provide proteins and add different types of nuts and make it a more healthy dish.

48. Kringle (A Round Thin Pastry)

It is a pastry and a type of pretzel. It was introduced by the Roman Catholic monks during the 13th century in Denmark. And later on, they were spread to different regions of the world.

49. Kugel

It is a traditional Jewish dish, mostly served as dessert. It is a baked pudding that is made from noodles, eggs, and potatoes. It is served on very special occasions like on Jewish holidays and Shabbat.

50. Kreplach

These are very small sized dumplings that are filled with ground meat and potatoes. The dumplings are first boiled and then served in the chicken soup. Well, you can also fry them and are made from flour, eggs, and water.

51. Kransekake

It is the famous and traditional dish of Norwegian and Danish. It is served on special occasions, especially at the New Year event. In Denmark, the dish is a necessary part of the traditional new year celebrations.

52. Krumkake

It is the Norwegian waffle cookie, which is made from flour, eggs, butter, cream, and sugar. The cookie is rolled over a cone when it is warm and soft. It contains different types of patterns on both sides.

53. Kulfi

It is a popular version of ice cream and a favorite dessert for Asians. It is very healthy as it is made of milk. It can contain many nuts and creams, which make it more delicious and mouth-watering.

54. Krispy Kreme Donuts

It is an American company, well famous for its delicious doughnuts and coffee. Here you can get different types of doughnuts, and all of them are full of flavors and delicious. Their recipe is a secret.

55. Kung Pao Chicken

It is also known by different other names, such as Gong Bao or Kung Po. It is a Chinese dish prepared from fried chicken. Different types of spices, vegetables, and peanuts are also added to it.

56. Kundong

It is another very delicious and nutritious fruit. It is just like cherry and has red to yellow-colored skin. You can eat it either cooked or raw; in both conditions, it will offer you several health benefits.

57. Kummel

It is a colorless and sweet liqueur. In the Netherlands, it was distilled by Lucas Bols for the first time. It comes along with the flavor of cumin, caraway seed, and fennel. It can offer you countless health benefits.

58. Kumquat

They are small-sized fruits just a little bigger than grapes in size. The bite-sized fruit is packed with several nutrients and can fill your mouth with a sweet-tart flavor. The fruit is also known as golden rage in China.

59. Kunefe

It is the traditional dish of the Middle East and is served as dessert. It is made from the shredded filo pastry and is soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup. Mostly it is layered with cheese, nuts, or cream.

60. Kusamochi

It is a Japanese sweet and is prepared from the leaves of Japanese mugwort. The plant may taste bitter, and it would be quite beneficial for you. It can be used to get rid of fatigue.

61. Kima

Kima or ground meat is also known as minced meat. It is also spelled as keema or qeema. It is a finely chopped fresh meat that can be cooked in several ways. It is full of proteins and minerals.

62. Kahlua

It is a popular Mexican coffee-based drink and comes in combination with Arabic coffee, sugar, and rum. It is served cold, so just one sip would be enough to let you feel energetic and fresh in summers.

63. Kava

It is one of the most popular drinks on the Pacific island. The name of kava has been derived from the word ‘Polynesian,’ which means bitter. It is extracted from a local plant and helps in muscle relaxation and sleepiness.

64. Kecap Manis

It is a sweet sauce prepared from soy. It is very popular in Indonesia. It is prepared from the fermentation of soybeans, roasted grains, mold, palm sugar, and salt. It is thick and gets a dark color from sugar.

65. Kedgeree

It is the most popular dish in Europe and is prepared from fish, hard-boiled eggs, and rice. It is served along with curry, butter or cream, and parsley. It was originated in India and now popular around the world.

66. Ketembilla

You may also know the ketembilla as Ceylon gooseberry. It is the indigenous plant of Sri Lanka and Southern India. It is a very juicy, sweet, and acidic flavor. Eat it either fresh or make the jams.

67. Kettle Corn

It is a type of popcorns that is sweet and salted in taste. The kettle popcorn is seasoned with oil, salt, and sugar. They are one of the most favorite snacks for movie time all over the world.

68. Kipper

It is a small-sized, oily fish. It is sliced into a butterfly shape from tail to head. It is used mostly in breakfast and is smoked to give a unique flavor. It is full of omega-3.

69. Kosher Pickles

The pickle is prepared from the cucumber. Usually, the pickle is prepared either in vinegar or brine. The cucumbers are immersed in an acidic solution so that they become sour. It may also contain a small amount of garlic.

70. Kudzu

The tips, roots, flowers, and leaves; in fact, each part of Kudzu is edible. You can eat the leaves just like spinach, eat it raw or cook it. It is used for the treatment of diabetes, cold, or alcoholism.

71. Koshihikari Rice

Here is another Japanese dish, which is prepared from the small grains of rice. It is very sticky and as well as moist in texture. It is sweet. It is the best rice type to make sushi.

72. Kumera

It will surprise you that Kumera is another name for sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes are known as the Kumera in New Zealand. It is full of many antioxidants and provides you several health benefits.

73. Kiwi berries

Kiwi berries are completely different from the kiwi. Both of them are members of the same genus, but they are very different from kiwi. They are small in size, sweet in taste, and are an important part of the cuisine.

74. Kirsch

It is prepared from cherries. It is not sweet but a refined flavor of both almond and cherries. It is used to flavor the sponge cakes and to different other dishes which contain the fruits.

75. Kvaas

It is a Russian beverage. It is prepared from the statemented rye bread. Kvaas has a very nice refreshing and sour taste. You will find its flavor similar to beer but is completely free of alcohol.

76. Kefir

It is a portion of healthy food and has the consistency of drinkable yogurt. It is prepared from dairy milk. The food offers many health benefits like boosting your immunity, helps in digestion, and improve the health of bones.

77. Koki

It is a traditional dish in Asia and made from wheat. It has a very delicious and mouth-watering taste.  It is very spicy, and most people love to eat it for breakfast but equally good for lunch.

78. Korean Soup

The Korean soup is also known as the tang, and it is prepared from vegetables. You can also add meat just according to your taste. The soup can enhance blood circulation, purify the blood, and detoxify the body.

79. Kachori

It is a popular dish in Asia ad mostly used as a snack.  It is filled with different savory fillings and then deep-fried. You can fill it with mashed potatoes, onions, lentils, or peas, and it is served with sauce.

80. Karela Bharwa

Stuffed Kerala or bharwa karela is the traditional dish of Asia. It is prepared from bitter melon. You can stuff the vegetable with different fillings like potatoes, keema, or whatever you want. You can also add fried peanuts.

81. Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo meat is used as food in different countries. The meat is very nutritious and provides a high content of protein, zinc, and iron. It is the best source of omega-3 and a small amount of fat.

82. Kheer

It is the most popular dessert in Asia. It is prepared from milk and rice; well, to make it more nutritious, you can also add different nuts and cream. Cardamom and saffron can enhance the fragrance of kheer.

83. Kai Kou Xiao

It is a Chinese dessert that is prepared from eggs, flour, sugar, malt sugar, baking soda, and sesame seeds. Everything is mixed to prepare the dough, and the seeds are boiled. A piece of dough is rolled in the seeds.

84. Kantola

It is a good portion of healthy food. It can provide you only a small amount of calories, i.e., 17 calories per 100 gram. It can provide you a considerable amount of proteins, fat, and fibers.

85. Kiwano

It is sweet and is full of nutrients. The fruit offers you several health benefits. It can control the blood sugar level, improves mood, and increase the production of red blood cells. It can provide you antioxidants.

86. Kakadu Plum

It is an Australian fruit, is used as food, and is also a part of different medicines. It has a huge amount of vitamin C. Therefore, it is known as a superfood by modern medicine.

87. Karonda

It is usually found in a hot environment.  You will find it sour, but the ripen fruit is sweet. It is used to make chutneys and pickles. Moreover, it is the best substitute for cranberry.

88. Kei Apple

The kei apple resembles the African apricot. Moreover, the taste and texture of apples are also just like the apricot. It is used for the preparation of jams, smoothies, and different cakes.

89. Kapok

It is a very tall tree, and you will found it in tropical climates. You can eat the plant just like okra. The seeds are equally beneficial, just roast them, make powder. You can prepare the oil from it.

90. Kahikatea

It is grown on a very high tree and is found in New Zealand. The tree can grow up to 55 meters, while the trunk can exceed up to 1 meter. Eat the fruit of these plants along with seeds.

91. Kepple Fruit

It is found in Java and Indonesia. You can also found it all across South East Asia.  It has a spicy taste and is just like mango. The plant was used as the oral deodorant.

92. Kabosu

It is a Japanese fruit and is just like lime in appearance. It is yellow when to ripen and has a strong taste. It is a part of vinegar and is also a part of many traditional dishes.

93. Kundang

It is also known as plum mango or can also be known as the mango plum. Each part of the fruit is edible. The flavor of this plant is just like that of mango. The fruit can offer you several health benefits.

94. Korlan

You will found this plant grown all around South East Asia. The fruit is just like lycee or longan, two fruits of the same region. The fruit is light in color as well as light in taste.

95. Karkalla

It is also known as the beach banana or pigface. You will find it frown on dunes along the coastline of Australia. It has slender leaves, which are juicy and palatable in taste.

96. Kwai Muk

It is found in Southern China, Fujian, Hong Kong, and Hainan. It is known by different other names. The ripen fruit is full of nutrients and provides you several health benefits. The fruit is very delicious.

97. kutjera

It is the native plant of Australia, and man has been eating it for a very long time. It is yellow and is enriched with vitamin c. Therefore, it can provide you several health benefits.

98. Kale Smoothie

The smoothie is very healthy and full of nutrients. It can benefit you in several ways. For example, it can provide you a huge amount of vitamin C. You can use raw kale to form the smoothie.

99. Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken is one of most famous street food in korea.Its similar to normal fried chicken, their sauce make it delicious.

100. Kale and Veggie Pizza

Kale is full of antioxidants and therefore offers you several health benefits. You can eat it in several ways, and one of them is kale and veggie pizza. It is healthy and delicious in taste.

101. Kale Chips

Just like the potato chips, you can also make the chips from kale. It is a very healthy and nutritious snack. The snack can be a good source of fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and potassium. It is free of fat and sodium.


Learn about the foods originating from different regions of the world but starting with the same alphabet, seems to be very interesting. It can improve your culinary vocabulary.

Hopefully, the above-given list of foods starting with K would have helped you in exploring all the delicious dishes starting with K.


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