foods that start with H

Foods that Start with H

How many of the food names do you know that started to H? Might probably you think of a few or dozen at max, therefore, we did thorough research and bring over to you so many varieties of foods related from the different categories. Below we compile a list of 40 foods that start with H to give you a quick boost of knowledge in this matter.

But before getting on the list directly it is crucial to understand the amassed list of foods below contains anything edible that inter-related to any food category. Now with this list, you will have entire knowledge on all famous and unusual foods to start with H.

With said, let’s get started with edibles that begin with H.

40 Amazing Foods that Start with H

Dare yourself to check out how many of foods from the list you already know.  We cover almost all edible items or foods from all around the world that start with H, so let us begin the challenge and do share your experience in the comment below.

Here we added veggies, meat, fruits, herbs, beverages, in fact, every edible item that begins with H, in case you’ve had less idea about edibles then do check out the list:

1. Hake

Begin the list with the soft and delicate fish hake; the marine fish belongs to cod family. More or less 12 species of hake are found in the eastern Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean also along with some coast of New Zealand. This is one of the marine fishes very much popular in the culinary world.

2. Hares

Hare is considered from the same family of rabbit, these are commonly known as jackrabbits in America. Africa, North America and Eurasia are the regions where hare species are found. Hare meat is dark red and somewhat look like beef. Its meat is very high in protein and low in calories or fat. They are most delicious when braised well with veggies and condiments.

3. Hazelnut

A commonly known nut worldwide is basically a fruit of hazel or Corylus tree and thus related to the species of the genus. Fiberts or cobnuts are also the terms used to recognize hazelnut in different regions. This full of nutrient fruit or nut is sweet in taste and eaten roasted and raw. It is commonly cultivated in Italy, the United States, Spain and Turkey.

4. Hamburger

Supremely popular hamburger should not be ignored here on the list, it has been known as one of the staple snacks in American cuisine. Hamburger is recognized and eaten all around the world as a main American snack. It is a type of sandwich in which beef mince patty is filled with lettuce and sauces.

5. Haggis

Puddings are considered to be sweet but Haggis is one of the popular savoury pudding containing sheep’s liver or heart or lungs along with oatmeal, suet, condiments and onions. Traditionally the sheep’s pluck mince mixed along all the ingredients well to cook the whole marinate encased within the animals’ stomach. It sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it?

6. Ham

A meat chunk from the leg cut of pork is fermented or cured to be used wet or dry both. Also, ham with smoke cooked flavour is much popular while there some people like it un-smoked along with different flavours. Ham is prepared in a wide range of varieties all around the world.

7. Hot cross bun

The spicy, sweet bun with a cross mark on the top is called hot cross bun. Typically, it was made as a feast bread on Good Friday and commonly made in the countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, U.S.A, Canada South Africa and the United Kingdom.  It was made expressly in a way that depicts some pure Christianity beliefs and faith in it.

8. Heart cherry

Another edible that comes on the list is heart cherry; you heard it right it is a cherry shaped in a heart. With the normal cherry shape and size, the bright red colour looks amazing when used in varieties of desserts from different cuisines.

9. Ham hocks

Ham hock is the special cut from the pork leg especially used in several special dishes from various cuisines to get the perfect blend of flavours. From the bottom half of the leg of animal the chunky 4 inches piece of bone is covered with flash, fat and skin. Ham hocks are widely used in Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisines.

10. Habanero pepper

If you are wondering about the world’s hottest chillies so you should not forget the known world’s hottest Habanero Pepper or Habanero Chilli Pepper. It is rated 100,000 – 350,000 on Scoville heat units. This South American pepper has unique tangy taste along with the smoke hint which makes it desirable for hot sauces and chilli powders.

11. Haskap berry

These berries are known with the names like sweet berry honeysuckle, blue honeysuckle, blue fly honeysuckle, honeyberry or blue-berried honeysuckle. The plant is native in all cool regions of the northern hemisphere in countries like Russia, Poland, Japan and Canada. It is a hybrid between blueberries and raspberries, it tastes sweet and juicy.

12. Hakarl

It is a national dish of Iceland also called by the name of fermented shark. With the tradition goes on the sleeper shark or Greenland shark has been cured for a long time using certain fermenting process and leaves it to dry for months. This is how this weird dish is made after a long tiring process.

13. Halva

Sweet is love, so here is another delicious dessert coming your way. Halva or Halwa is the dessert typically made out of semolina and nuts although there are hundreds of varieties prepared according to taste and preference of the West Asia regions. No matter what, it is super delicious and incredibly rich especially in the area where I belong to.

14. Hoison Sauce

Another sauce or dip coming to the list is Hoison Sauce. It is fragrant and thick in texture, widely used in Cantonese cuisine as a dipping sauce or meat glaze. Whereas there are different regional variant exists but on the whole, it is a bit sweet, salty and dark in colour. Common ingredients used to make Hoison sauce are red chilli peppers, soya sauce, five-spice powder, garlic, and sugar and fennel seeds.

15. Hominy

Also known as Hominy Corn made of maize, field corn is another term used to recognize hominy and it is mainly yellow or white. The grain of hominy corn puffed up into the twice of the grain size and to appear as giant corn.  It is considered essential in Mexican cuisine while typically it has been used stews, soups and casseroles.

16. Harissa

In case you are fond of spicy food, harissa paste will be certainly the sauce type you think to try. It is the popular most Tunisian hot sauce, used in a variety of dishes to jazz up the flavour. Typically the sauce is made with the ingredients like garlic paste, roasted red peppers, herbs, baklouti peppers, cumin seeds, coriander seeds etc.

17. Honey

Honey is the most popular food all around the world due to its versatility, shelf-life and amazing health benefits. This is the sweet liquid carried out by bees by the nectar from flowers. It is simultaneously beneficial for a healthy person, patients and even for diabetic patient. Nowadays, there are hundreds of flavours available with pure honey to make the taste more pleasant even for kids.

18. Horchata

Up next is another edible that related to the beverage category originated from Latin America. It is a kind of beverage made traditionally with ground rice or coconut and a combination of some spices along with vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is the most popular and refreshing drink, goes well with Mexican and other meals.

19. Hickory Nut

It is a nut with very hard shell; mainly they are sold unshelled in the states. Almost 17 varieties or species of hickory trees available and surprisingly 13 of them are from the United States. These nuts are very rich in flavour with a buttery taste and texture.  It is the best fit to be used as a substitute to pecan or any other baking dish to get the buttery-rich flavour.

20. Haddock

Here comes another edible saltwater fish, this fish belongs to the cod family and has firm meat; moist in texture provides mild taste. The fish is commonly available raw, smoked or frozen. Haddock’s population is abundant on Eastern Atlantic as well as the North Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most famous and desirable saltwater fish being used in a variety of British dishes.

21. Hash browns

Hash brown or hashed brown is the breakfast dish, very much popular and super delicious with any of its variation. This shredded potato-based breakfast basically originated in North America in the late 90s afterwards it gained immense popularity worldwide.  Typically hash brown is made with egg whites, potatoes and some seasonings, with a good mix of altogether, toss it till the golden brown.

22. Hollywood Martini

In case you want to grab a fruity cocktail here we propose to you delightful and fruity Hollywood martini cocktail. You can get the perfect sweet taste of black raspberries blending up with some tangy pineapple juice and for the hard taste there will be any of your favourite vodka, all done with the martini, Enjoy Now!

23. Hilbeh

It is a kind of dip or condiment made out of fenugreek seed. It is commonly used in Yemini traditional food and also recognized as Holbah. Ground fenugreek seeds are mixed with water well until the frothy, light texture mixture appears.

24. Hyssop

It is the herb belongs to mint family developed from its aromatic flowers and leaves. In the plant of hyssop both the leaves and flowers are although edible.  It is a flavouring herb used in beverages and foods as flavouring however, it is also very effective as medicine in intestinal and digestive problems.

25. Horned melon

It is an African fruit, also known as kiwano melon or jelly melon or African horned cucumber and used as a popular snack in the countries like New Zealand, Australia, Africa and some regions of United States. It somewhat tastes like a banana when ripen.

26. Highball

If you like to taste classic whisky with a tint of non-alcoholic mixes, what can be best fit then highball cocktail?  This is not an ordinary whiskey soda drink it includes more of an art. It was first made at Manhattan bar, the forte of this cocktail is all about handling highball or Collins glass.

27. Hijiki

It is known Japanese vegetable, this sea vegetable grow wild on the coastline rocks of China, Korea and Japan. It is commonly used in the Japanese diet for centuries; this highly nutritious vegetable is green to brown in colour when fresh where it turns black when processed dry. It is commonly prepared with meat or seafood and vegetables along with soy sauce.

28. Horse gram

Some people think that it is a kind of food only used for horses, although it is not completely true. Initially horse gram or kulthi bean or madras gram was grown only for horse feed but later it is cultivated for human consumption. Also, horse gram is highly protein-rich lentil present on earth.

29. Haricot beans

Also renowned as pea beans or fagioli, yankee beans or navy beans, this oval and small beans are creamy white plumpy that carried buttery texture along with mild flavour. In countries like Spain, South America, Portugal and France haricot beans are commonly used in cooking.

30. Halloumi cheese

Here comes the most lovable food all around the world, yes cheese, it is an unripened and semi-hard cheese made out of the mixture or any of the sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. It is one of the desirable cheese in culinary arts all because of its high melting point, makes it perfect for grilling or frying.

31. Hokka Noodles

These are the most popular noodles type widely used in Chinese dishes.  These are flat and thin noodles made out of the dough prepared with a mix of wheat and rice flour. Hakka noodles take hardly 8 to 10 minutes to cook in slow boiling water, after draining water simply toss them with sauces and veggies. They taste super delicious; if you have not tried yet, do give it a try.

32. Horseradish

Horseradish is basically a root vegetable, belongs to perennial plant. It is used all around the world in form of condiment or spice. It has a unique odour and pungent taste. It is originated from western Asia and southeastern Europe.  People often confused it with Wasabi, another popular ingredient in Japanese cooking.

33. Heart of palm

It is a vegetable, obtained from the inner core of certain palm trees. It is white in colour and can be eaten raw or cooked. This unique vegetable is full of nutrition, antioxidants and minerals and low in fat. With a slight crunch like white asparagus, it is often used as a substitute for seafood and meat.

34. Husk Tomato

You can say tomatillo or Mexican husk tomato or husk cherries or ground cherries is a fruit that has the appearance of tomato. Being a national vegetable of Mexico this green to purple fruit is no wonder very common in Mexican dishes. This round fruit/veggie can be eaten cooked or raw.  They are sweet and mild along with a unique tint of flavour.

35. Hollandaise

Earlier, it is named as Dutch sauce and considered one among the five major sauces used widely in French cuisine. The ingredients of the sauce include egg yolks, lemon juice and melted butter together with the white pepper, paprika and salt. It is best served as finishing sauce with asparagus, poached fish and eggs benedict.

36. Honeydew melon

It is a fruit also named as honeymelon, it belongs to the species of melon Cucumis Melo. It carries light colour rind along with light-green flesh with a sweet flavour. This fruit is available worldwide as it is highly nutritious and enriched with vitamins, minerals and fibre.

37. Hummus

If you want to try any new dip or savoury spread or sauce, Hummus is enough famous to give it a try. It is the most popular dip or sauce commonly made and used in Arabic countries and Arabic cuisine. It is made with cooked and mashed chickpeas with another paste of tahini along with ingredients like garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

38. Hamburg parsley root

This unique vegetable from Germany is commonly used for soups and stews in many countries like Hungary, Holland, Poland, Russia and Austria. It is also called turnip-rooted parsley or Dutch rooted parsley or parsnip rooted parsley.

39. Hyson

It is a Chinese green tea also named as lucky dragon tea, cultivated in the Anhui, province in China. These are the twisted, young leaves that unfold when brewed for a while. It offers a refreshing and mild taste. It is served both hot and chilled; some lemon or lime is often used on the top.

40. Hardy Kiwi

It is a small kiwi fruit from hardy kiwi plant. It is also recognized as cocktail kiwi or baby kiwi or northern kiwi or grape kiwi. This is the fruit native to Japan, Siberia, China and Korea. This small fruit required pretty long frost-free season to ready. It can be eaten as a whole without even rind off also this fruit is very sweet in taste.


There you have a list of some common and not-so-common foods to start with H, check out the list to see how many of them you know.  With that being said, you can boost knowledge, and even include some of these foods into your diet to get a different taste than usual.

You are more than welcome to come up with any edible thing begin with H you know, do leave the comment so that we can add it up on the list.

You can also check the foods that start with D if you are seeking for more, even you can ask for any food-related content, you are looking for.


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