foods that start with D

Foods that Start with D

Hey, all you foodies out there, please attention! What do you think how many of the foods that start with D? You may be thinking or else get stuck with it, so relax my friends here I am to help you out with this.

If you carried away with the idea that there are countless of food that starts with D, so you must check out the content based on the lasting research, will certainly be there to surprise you anyway.

It seems quite fun when you ask your friend or family to name a couple of foods to start with D, they will be caught out at the moment. It’s fun but true that we hardly know limited food names to start with D, but no worries we compiled up an exciting yet fun list of foods to start with D.

The list we prepared gives you the best of information and entertainment at the same time, want to know how? Stick with us till the end so you will know. We ensure you get the most out of it therefore we briefly mentioned nutrients check to provide you with precise knowledge.

Without wasting time any further, come, let’s get on it:

20 Best Foods that start with D

We would like you to expand your knowledge and taste buds with new and some unique fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, fish even drinks, etc. therefore here we cover almost all to help you with what it looks like, tastes like and its nutritional profile.

You can give it a try with some of these and can add these in your groceries next time.

Let get started with the list:

  1. Dill weed

You may have heard about celery and parsley, from the same family dill weed is the kind of herb, also known as dill leaves. In terms of flavour it contains fresh, sweet and grassy flavour, too much of the herb may feel a bit bitter.  This is the usual seasoning widely used in Nordic and Eastern Europe cuisine.

Nutrient Measure: it offers a small amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C & D, it is considered very useful to heal ailing stomach along with some anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Detarium microcarpum

It is the type or species of legumes, also recognized as sweet dattock or sweet detar or tallow tree. Whereas, its plant grow naturally especially in dry regions of central Africa and West Africa. Being a vegetable/fruit it is used medical purpose due to its great medical properties. It can be eaten raw or cooked, the native usually make flour out of it and use it in many ways.

Nutrient Measure: it nourishes you with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and folic acid.

  1. Dasheen root

Also known as ‘Taro’ or ‘Kalo’ or ‘Godere’, this vegetable is commonly used in varieties of cuisine all across the globe. As it is quite similar to other root veggies however it tastes nutty-like and mild with starch texture.   It is one of the most ancient cultivated plants, widely found in the regions like East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Nutrient Measure: this root veggie is the big source of vitamin C, E, and vitamin B6, along with manganese and potassium. It offers the most important health benefits, improves digestion, heart health, blood sugar management.

  1. Daylily

Yes, you read it right; daylily has been cultivated for thousands of years in Japan, China and Korea and used as a crucial vegetable. It is commonly harvested in spring while the young shoots are prepared like asparagus however, it tastes a bit sweet and tangy. Whereas every part of the daylily is edible and it is used both dried and fresh.

Nutrient Measure: it nourishes you with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, protein, phosphorous, iron & calcium.

  1. Dim sum

Here we added a delicious brunch originated from Guangdong region of southern China. Dim sum is the sum of varieties of traditional dishes from Chinese cuisine usually accompany with tea in the small gatherings of family and friends. If you are fond of dumplings that Dim Sum is highly recommended brunch for you to try.

If you want to have a perfect brunch with an assortment of meat, vegetable snacks/dishes and seafood, go for Cantonese Dim Sum right away.

  1. Daiquiri

After so much eating, a drink is most needed; Daiquiri is a cocktail, made with a blend of citrus juice, rum and any sort of sweetener or sugar.  This cocktail is one of the six drinks listed apparently in David A. In addition to this, it tastes like concentrated rum with a slight tanginess of citrus juice/lime, with a condition of quality rum it tastes very pleasant.

  1. Dragee

Also recognized as ‘Mlabas’, ‘Jordan almond’ or ‘Confetto’, basically, it is a sugar-coated almond or nut used as decoration in desserts or cakes. With nuts or almond inside the colourful sugar or chocolate as outer shell makes it more appealing especially for children. The sweet taste is most loved but still, too much is not good for health, it is fine if have it occasionally.

  1. Dorayaki

It is the type of dessert or bread, originated from Japan. It is the most common dessert consists of two round pancakes or bread with a sweet filling of red bean or sweet azuki bean paste. It is very delicious and very obviously sweet in taste. However, the typical Dorayaki was basically with one layer but later the dish was improvised in the Ueno, the district in Tokyo.

Now it is commonly made throughout the world and known as one of the most desserts from Japanese cuisine. Nowadays, it is prepared with varieties of flavourings and styles for example Dorayaki Lemon, Hime Dorayaki, Dorayaki Butter, Dorayaki (Yamazaki) etc.

  1. Dijon Mustard

It’s a condiment, very much popular and used in varieties of cuisine, originally from Dijon city, in the Burgundy region of France. If you like a mustard paste and willing to try mustard with a new touch of flavourings and style Dijon mustard is a good recommendation. It is widely used as a sandwich spread or sauce or dressing for a variety of salads etc.  It tastes mild spicy, sharp tanginess with strong flavours.

It is purely vegetarian as it is usually gluten-free but on the whole, the wine used in preparation may be processed with finning agents of animals.

  1. Dewberry

Some people mistook it as blackberry but dewberries are the group of berry species however very much related to blackberries. It is very much popular in northern Hemisphere. It is a fruit very much sweet whereas it can be eaten both ripe and raw.

The plant of dewberries has smaller fruits than blackberries while the flower of dewberries develops in green berries that ripen as deep purple-blue fruit.

Nutrient Measure: dewberries are the good source of vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and iron. It also offers tons of benefits to the human body.

  1. Double Gloucester Cheese

Are you a cheese lover? Here you go then. As the name describes itself the traditional semi-hard cheese made in the region of Gloucester, England. Double Gloucester cheese is the type of cheese specially made from the organic milk of cows from Gloucester farm. It is cheese made from full-fat milk, taste nutty, smooth and buttery while apricot colour and mellow flavour enhanced its quality.

  1. Dampfnudel

Let’s talk about delicious bread; it is the white bread roll is commonly eaten along with a meal or dessert in regions like France, Germany and Austria. This typical bread from Southern Germany is sweet in taste.  It is prepared out of the dough made of flour, butter or margarine, yeast, sugar, eggs and of course water.

With enough sugar and fat content it offers enough energy for a full day; people like to have it with a variety of savoury dishes or salads.

  1. Damson

Damson is the fruit, also known as Damson plum is a kind of plum, related to the family of Rosaceae. The origin of the fruit is the Mediterranean.  It is considered to be the part of European plum family however the taste of this plum species is mild sweet yet carry distinctive rich flavour as compared to other types of plums.

Nutrient Measure: it contains vitamins, minerals (potassium, iron, and magnesium), omega 3 and fibre.

  1. Desert Fig

Stay healthy with tasteful healthy fruit, to all fruit lovers here is another fruit name start with D, desert fig is also recognized as Rock fig or Desert fig. it is basically a fruit looks like an onion and cultivated in the regions of United States, northern and central Australia. It tastes sweet and tangy also it tastes like strawberry and mulberry.

Nutrient Measure: enriched with vitamins, proteins and dietary fibre.

  1. Dragon tongue bean

That is not a type of any snack, it’s a kind of bean also documented as dragon tongue or Dragon Langerie shelling bean, basically a snap bean. The cultivation started from the Netherlands then spread over to England and France afterwards worldwide.  These are very long and broad in shape while the purple colour appears when fully harvested.

Nutrient Measure: these are the good source of proteins and minerals.

  1. Dekopon

If you want to have an orange-like fruit without seeds, Dekopon is a fine option. This sweet variety of orange is the hybrid fruit between ponkan and kiyomi and the origin was Japan. Dekopon is very large in size along with large bump on top while the skin of this fruit is bumpy and thick but easy to peel like a mandarin orange. It is known as Sumo Citrus in the United States.

Nutrient Measure: it nourishes you with Vitamin A, Vitamin C minerals and calcium.

  1. Dead man’s finger

Don’t be scared, you are not supposed to eat or drink anyone’s finger.

It is the kind of drink with a strong element of rum and the addition of some customized flavorings. But it is served in a very special way that might scare you a bit.

  1. Dove

Dove is also the bird like a pigeon, there are many people in the whole world like to eat dove as it tastes like chicken liver-like meat.   There are varieties of recipes available on the internet from which you get the ideas on how to cook dove in many ways. However, dove meat is not easily available on every market you may hunt down or find the dove bird.

It can be good survival foods as squab or dove are found very easily in some countries although it is eaten as a delicacy in some regions.

  1. Drunken Goat Cheese

No, you get it wrong drinking is nothing to do with it, bad joke maybe!

It is the rarest goat cheese; it is made especially in Spain and almost impossible to find it elsewhere. It is extremely creamy therefore enriched with both protein and fat.

If you think the goat is fed with wine or beer something before milking so it is completely wrong, the name is unusual but has nothing to do with this matter. The name is metaphorical that only depicts the exclusive ingredients and process.

  1. Dum Pukht

It is the term means ‘slow cooking’ used to cook varieties of dishes in the region of Northern Indian subcontinent. It is one of the ancient dishes used to made and serve in Mughal times.

Nowadays it is the name of a proper dish used to eat in the country Pakistan, in which beef and vegetables are cooked on slow heat for more than 4 to 5 hours with a shot of few condiments and spices. Altogether it is the worth try dish you will never regret to have it.


There you go, with this extraordinary food list you will now in the right condition to describe so many food names to start with D. You might be wondering about the foods like dates, durian, deer or dandelion greens, these are the most possible and obvious food names comes to mind when it is about the food that starts with D.  We wanted to bring out some not-so-common and unusual foods so that you got a good boost in knowledge.

You might be surprised knowing the fact that there are many herbs, fruits, drinks, dishes, vegetables even desserts that start with letter D. also the nutritional benefits these food offers are way too much and most needed for good health overall.

Sure enough, there are hundreds of foods to start with D but there is hardly a person on the planet knows them all – all because of the cultural, country and language barrier.

Do share your comment if you want to know more about foods in any category, you are more than welcome.


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