foods that start with B

Foods That Start With B

Food is necessary for the normal growth and development of humans and other animals. Some food is more vital than others; here is the list of fluids, herbs, plants, vegetables, beverages, and food that start with B which are edible.

There is a great chance that most of these food items you are familiar with and few others surely will be interesting for you. These mouth-watering foods are perfect to get the essential amount of nutrients and minerals. 

70 Delicious Foods that start with B

1. Beans 

Edible seeds of different leguminous plants which available in various colors and shapes. Use in a variety of ways like boiled, baked, and steamed. Some special kinds of beans available for entire years either in fresh or canned form. Helps to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, and weight. 

2. Bread 

A mixture of dough of flour, yeast, and water is followed by baking the dough. Bread uses to get an efficient amount of vitamins-B, Niacin, and thiamin and it also helps to increase the body energy. Improve bone health; provide fibers, fat, sugar, and iron. 

3. Basil

Leaves of basil herb in fresh green color and pleasant aroma that’s used for food preparation or seasoning at the end of cooking. Used either in dried or fresh form. It is known as a curative herb for stomach spasms, worm infection, appetite problems, and kidney conditions. 

4. Butter

It is a dairy product made up of milk and cream, especially from the fats and protein components. Butter is yellow to white solid emulsion of calories and fats that are needed for a healthy immune system, better skin health, and strong vision. 

5. Boiled Egg

Boiled eggs are a great source of lean protein, calcium, zinc, vitamins B- complex and it is lower in calories. It is a nutrient-dense food that is made by adding eggs in boiled water for few minutes. Also, have a certain amount of antioxidants. 

6. Banana 

It is an elongated fruit with yellow peeling and white soft flesh. Banana is beneficial for heart disease, weight loss, high blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus. It contains folate, potassium, vitamin B6, and fibers. It eats as a fruit, or help in making a salad and fruit chat. 

7. BlackBerry 

Black-berry is a soft fruit with a cluster of black to purple drupelets. It is an edible fruit that uses for treating swelling, pain, fluid retention, gout, and diarrhea and for avoiding cancer. it is slightly tart and sweet in flavor. 

8. Bok Choy 

Bok Choy is Chinese cabbage with a white stalk and dark green leaves. It is slightly flavor like cabbage and has a juicy texture.  An excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. Helps to improve overall health and full of antioxidants. 

9. Black Eyed Peas 

A black-eyed pea is a type of beans with starchy beans like taste. It is a staple food that is a source of thiamin, copper, and contains all essential nutrients and micronutrients. It is an edible seed either called peas and beans but not has a sweet taste like green peas. 

10. Bread Pudding 

Bread pudding is also known as bread cake that is prepared by soak bread in milk and baked with egg. It can either be eaten as hot or cold by adding sugar, spices, and dried fruits. It is the easiest way to get the essential body calcium, minerals, vitamins, and other components. 

11. Black Beans 

It is small black colored edible seeds of plants that are rich in fibers and high in protein. Helps to digest calories faster and efficiently. Better than other types of beans because packed with antioxidants and magnesium. 

12. Beef 

It is red meat that is attained from animals and one of the best foods that start from B. Beef is enriched with vitamins, minerals, iron, protein, zinc, and all essential nutrients that are necessary for human growth. 

13. Brisket 

It is a cut of meat get from the cow breast or lower chest. Brisket uses to increase the good cholesterol level in humans and a source of zinc, folate, calcium, and potassium. Mostly the tender of brisket is so juicy and favor like a roast. 

14. Butter Milk 

Buttermilk is not just tasty rather it is healthier for those with high cholesterol, dehydration, and weight loss. It is a liquid obtained after the butter is churned from the cream or milk. Buttermilk may be directly consumed as a drink or used in baking. 

15. Barley 

Barley is a major cereal grain cultivated in a temperate climate. It contains a large amount of gluten, protein, beta-glucan, and fat. As excess of everything is bad, an extra amount of barley may cause gas or bloating or it may be allergenic for some people.  

16. Brownie 

It is a chocolate cake in a square or rectangular form brownie baked in a variety of ways by adding chocolate chip, frosting, nut, cream, or any other ingredients like this. Brownies have anti-inflammatory features, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve brain functioning. 

17. Boston Cream Pie

Boston cream pie is made by the layers of butter cake with vanilla custard and cream or chocolate topping and layers. Usually, it has a soft texture and a nice taste. The butter cake of the Boston cream pie is made with egg yolk, thick milk, and sugar. 

18. Baking Soda 

Sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda that uses for a variety of situations like cooking purposes, treat heartburn and occasional acid reflux, and its uses in toothpaste. It neutralized the stomach acid because it is naturally antacid. 

19. Beetroots 

Beetroot is a root vegetable that is packed with a lot of essential nutrients like vitamin B9, folic acid, iron, folate, and potassium, and its color is red. It is the best vegetable to prevent diabetes and heart disease. 

20. Burger 

It is the most popular foods that start with B consisting of the patty of grilled or fried beef in a bun. The beef patty is cooked with various seasonings and the burger is served with a variety of topping. It is the highest source of protein, antioxidants, minerals, and rich in vitamins.

21. Black Tea 

Usually black tea is considered more beneficial than others as it is stronger in flavor and oxidized in nature. Obtain from the Camellia sinensis leaves. Improve the energy level of the user body, promote metabolism, and have anti-cancer components. 

22. Butter Scotch 

Butterscotch is like toffee but the texture is not hard like toffee. It is a kind of confectionery made with a combination of brown sugar and butter by adding some additional ingredients like vanilla, cream, and salt.

23. Bay Leaves 

Dried or fresh bay leaves get from the bay tree and use for flavor and fragrance in soup, sauces braises, and stews while preparing them. Bay leaves removed from cooked food before serving. It is Useful to get a rid from migraines, and helps to digest food faster.  

24. Banana Cream Pie 

It is a tasty pie in which a pie crust is filled with a creamy layer of vanilla custard and fresh bananas. The upper side of the banana cream pie topped with fresh whipped cream. A fresh banana gives it a delicious flavor and beautiful appearance. 

25. Banana Bread 

Banana bread is prepared from a mixture of banana, sugar, butter, vanilla, baking soda, and egg. The batter rises within a few minutes in the oven. It is a quick bread and soft like cake. Banana bread is a healthier dessert than others. 

26. Bell Pepper 

Bell pepper is a vegetable available in different colors and high in vitamins and low in calories. Also packed with a healthier amount of folate, fiber, and iron. It is crisp and fresh in taste. Obtained in red, yellow, orange white, purple, and green. 

27. Black Cod

Sablefish known as black cod provides white fatty meat. It is one of the excellent sources of omega-three fats with a butter-like flavor and velvety texture. Black code use to lower the risk of migraine, and high blood pressure. 

28. Black Pepper 

Black pepper uses as a spice, seasoning, and condiment in a variety of food. It has a sharp and hot flavor that gives a unique taste to food. Helps to control the blood sugar level, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

29. Blue Berry 

It is just like blackberries, promotes cardiovascular health, memory, and metabolism, and lowers the chance of getting obesity, diabetes. The mixed taste of blueberries like green tart grapes and sweet red grapes make it mouth-watering and flavorful. 

30. Blue Cheese 

Blue cheese is not harmful like others as fat founds in this have positive effect on heart health. The best source of calcium helps to stronger teeth’s, reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is enjoyable to eat as the flavor is slightly spicy and salty. 

31. Baklava

It is a desert with nutty and delicious taste as baklava prepared by filling the layers of pastry with honey and chopped nuts. These sweet pastries are low in calories and boost immunity. But it is heavier than cakes due to oily pastries and various nuts.  

32. Barbeque 

It is made with fish, beef, or meat. Barbeque is one of the most popular foods that start with B in which food is prepared on barbeque appliances that are allowed to cook food over an open fire. It is either served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce.  

33. Bagel 

Bagel is a doughnut-like bread roll that is prepared by making dough of wheat flour, yeast, water, and salt after boiling then baking it. Bagels are healthier than bread with a more satisfying taste.   Low in saturated fats and helps to prevent various diseases. 

34. Beer 

It is a fermented alcoholic beverage ready from the cereals and flavored with hops. Mild beer use reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack and strengthens the bones. Beer contains a slightly bitter, sweet, and bread-like taste. 

35. Buffalo Meat 

It is a meat of buffalo, known for its meat and milk and it is an excellent nutritional choice with lower fat content and higher in protein and iron. Control the cholesterol level in the blood because of the higher quantity of omega-3 and 6. 

36. Batter 

A batter is a thin liquid mixture that uses to make cakes or coating food and uses for many other food dishes. Any type of batter requires whisking or beating before making anything. It helps to cook a healthy meal quickly. 

37. Brown Rice

It is Whole grain and unpolished rice uses after removing the outer skin. Brown rice is a healthful choice with dietary fibers, minerals, magnesium, and vitamins. The taste of brown rice is quite nutty and earthy. Uses to make a variety of food. 

38. Battercake 

Battercake is one of the easiest and quick cakes to make as it just required making a mixture of flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, and then combining this mixture with buttermilk. The last step is baking or cooking the batter in any way. 

39. Bread Crumbs 

Bread crumbs are made from the bread that is dried or baked in the oven then grind into very smaller pieces. It is slice residue of moisture less bread. It is used to add a crunchy texture to Broast, pasta and to include in meatballs. 

40. Broccoli 

Broccoli is eaten as a vegetable and similar to cabbage. It is an edible green plant with a large flower, small leaves, and stalk. A high amount of broccoli can irritate the bowel. Enrich with folic acid, vitamin A, C, and E, and potassium. 

41. Biscuit 

Flat, sweet, hard, and crispy small-sized unleavened cake baked in the oven. Biscuits are usually ready to eat after a two-fold process. Original biscuits are a great source of fibers and vitamin B complex that’s very rare to find in foods. But it contains highly processed carbohydrates. 

42. Bitter Oranges 

Bitten oranges are not eaten freshly because it’s too much bitter and tart in taste that may be harmful to use. Therefore it’s usually used in medicines for nausea, indigestions and constipation, weight loss, heartburn and to increase body energy.  May show severe side effects if uses with caffeine. 

43. Bream Fish 

Bream fish are incredibly good in taste, has a tasty meaty texture. It is a fish with a deep body, a small head, and flat sides that are found in small rivers and lakes. Bream is Delicious seafood with lower saturated fat and high omega-3 fatty acid.  

44. Baking Powder 

It is used to lighten the texture of baking items and increase their volume. It is a mixture of acid, carbonate, and bicarbonate.  Easily available and inexpensive than other products of this category. It uses to dry out the pimples and treat heartburn and clean for teeth.  

45. Basmati Rice 

This type of rice is higher in carbohydrates and calories than white rice. These are gluten-free rice with a delicate fragrance and intensely spicy or nutty flavor. Uses to manage a lot of health conditions and the best addition to a weight loss diet. 

46. Black Cardamom 

Black cardamom uses to enhance the flavor of drinks and food. It is a spice that fights against stomach ulcers and gas problems. It contains a cool, smoky flavor. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant products use to protect against various diseases. 

47. Butter Cookie 

Cookies made with butter, sugar, flour and other ingredients are known as butter cookies. Butter cookies allow molding in any shape and it holds the shape easily. A better source of energy and a certain amount of butter cookies helps to work for longer without getting tired. 

48. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar has a high amount of minerals and a low amount of calories. It is made with the addition of molasses to purified white sugar. It contains magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. It uses to made sauces, marinades, and bakery goods. 

49. Bread Fruit

It is a flowering tree whose leaves and roots use to prepare medicines.  Fruit and seeds are uses or eaten as food. Beneficial for the treatment of asthma, arthritis, and healing wounds. Breadfruit can be eaten after baking, roasting, or boiled. 

50. Biryani

Biryani is a dish made with rice and chicken or meat by the addition of spices and seasoned. It is spicy and has a delicious fragrance. Best way to promote body detoxification. For making biryani it’s necessary to add the rice and cooked meat in layers. 

51. Breast

It is a process of cooking chicken within the pressure fryer. It is a process of marinated chicken and prepares it through pressure cooking with deep frying. Broast is juicy, crunchy, and flavorful chicken pieces that are very popular food that start with B. 

52. Burrito 

Burrito is a Mexican dish that makes you energetic, helps in weight loss, and promotes digestion. It is a food in which savory filling, like minced beef, rolled with tortilla rolled round. Mostly burrito made with a mixture of meat, beans, vegetables, and cheese. 

53. Butter Cream 

Buttercream is a topping or filling made for cake, it is made with a soft mixture of icing sugar and butter. It whipped according to the required consistency. The best way to moisturized or nourish the skin. 

54. Brown Sauce 

Brown sauce is a salty and spicy sauce made by cooking fat and flour until became dark brown. It is also used as a marinade or side sauce to serve with various kinds of food. 

55. Balsamic Vinegar

Dark, thick, and sweeter vinegar matured in wooden containers. It provides more tartness than acidity. Balsamic vinegar balanced blood pressure, and suppressant appetite to increase weight loss. 

56. Bacon 

Bacon is a kind of Cured meat of pig that obtains from the sides or back of the pig. It is the greatest source of animal protein and omega -3 fatty acids. It has a lot of health benefits and provides minerals like zinc, potassium, and iron. 

57. BBQ Sauce 

BBQ sauce contains spicy, slightly sweet, and smoky flavor. It uses to gives a barbeque flavor to food. It is rich in selenium, vitamin A, C, and E and prevents skin damage and inflammation. It is made with vinegar, ketchup, honey, brown sugar, lemon juice, and stone house seasoning. 

58. Baked Alaska 

Baked Alaska is a special kind of desert in which ice cream, sponge cake, or any other filling fill in the meringue covering, and baked in a hot oven for some time. It cooked in the oven to caramelize the meringue. 

59. Boiled Potatoes 

Potatoes are boiled in water until they are cooked and edible to eat. The firm texture of the boiled potatoes retains their shapes even when boiled. Boiled potatoes have a creamy taste they are naturally gluten-free and extremely versatile. 

60. Bran Flaked

Bran flakes are whole grains like corn flakes. They are high in fiber and beneficial for heart health and deal with constipation. Eating an extra amount of bran flakes in a daily routine may cause discomfort and gas in the stomach. 

61. Brussels Sprouts

It is a vegetable with small cabbage-like buds. Brussels sprout is edible to eat; it is high in fibers, antioxidants, minerals and lowers the risk of inflammations and cancer. It increases energy levels and improves blood sugar control. 

62. Black Raspberry 

Blackberries is a short growing season fruit, they have a bright fruity taste.  It uses to make medicines for treating bleeding, high blood pressure, stomach pain, and avoid cancerous cells. They are sweet, soft, slightly tart, and juicy to eat. 

63. Brie

Brie is a soft, buttery, creamy, and mild cheese covered with firm white-colored skin. It is a nutritious rich cheese with vitamin b12, riboflavin, and protein. Brie uses it to create a feeling of fullness and help in weight loss. 

64. Bisque 

It is a creamy, thick but smooth type of soup usually made with lobster, crayfish, and crabs. Bisque is a seafood soup that is highly seasoned with spices. Provide health benefits as it is highly nutritious, promotes bone and skin health. 

65. Bratwurst

Bratwurst is a kind of German beef, veal, or pork sausage, before grilled or fried sausage is marinated with a variety of seasonings like ginger, nutmeg coriander, and many others to gives it a beautiful flavor. Provide iron and vitamin B-12. 

66. Bloody Marry 

Bloody marry is a juice that is made by mixing up tomato juice, black pepper, lemon juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and celery salt. It is used to prevent kidney diseases and a good source of water. 

67. Beverages 

All kinds of liquids that are drinkable are called beverages. There are a lot of beverages like coffee, tea, juice, beer, soft drink, milk, and many more. Uses to increase the blood flow in the body include calcium, and potassium in your diet. 

68. Bean Curd 

It is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curd into blocks. Beans curds may be available in a variety of textures like soft, silken, and firm. It is a good choice for avoiding diabetes, heart diseases, and to get essential amino acids, and protein. 

69. Baba Ganoush 

Baba ganoush is prepared with eggplant, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic, and another seasoning. It is smooth, savory, and smoky in taste. It is served in a variety of foods like bell pepper, pita, carrot, and others like this. Baba ganoush has a nutty and earthy flavor. 

70. Beef Wellington 

A unique type of pie in which fillet steaks coated with duxelles and pate, and then these steaks folded within puff pastry and baked until it turns golden. It keeps the fillet moisture inside and prepared the soggy pastry. Best to save fat and calories. 


There are so many delicious foods that start with B. The content exploring the different food items makes it easier for you to find the more nutritious and healthy food. Here we discuss 70 food starting with B that helps you to select the most beneficial one.

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